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Monday, November 1, 2010

SCULPTINEX™ Instant ReSculpting Face Treatment

SCULPTINEX™ Instant ReSculpting Face Treatment with Tensine™ and Resveratrol

Instant sculpting meets long-term firming in one innovative product. From the scientists at GS Labs, this technologically advanced system instantly resculpts skin, while noticeably lifting and firming when used over time. The scientists at GS Labs research the latest skincare technologies and ingredients — then make them available to you. This time, their subject: skin resculpting treatments. The result: SCULPTINEX.

•Immediately: 64% of subjects reported an immediate tightening effect resulting in a more sculpted look.
•After 4 weeks: 20% measurable increase in skin firmness in clinical studies.
•After 8 weeks: 51% visible increase in lifting in clinical studies.
•Tensine instantly and visibly resculpts and contours. Skin feels immediately tightened.
•Resveratrol in a q-zome encapsulation delivers time-released moisturization, activating the skin's natural repair process to help keep cells healthier longer.
•Siegesbeckia PH™ and Boswellia serrata extract help boost natural collagen production and restore elasticity, keeping skin looking firm and toned.

Item condition: Brand new in box

Price: RM 90

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