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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Royal family slimming cream

Princess Adlina’s Royalty Beauty Secrets
Cristalle de Paris has been servicing the royal families for many years.
Among them is Princess Raja Adlina Raja Mohammed Kamil,
the niece of the Sultan of Perak who is a firm believer in Cristalle de Paris that
she has appeared in their TV commercials and advertising campaign for free,
after being introduced to Cristalle de Paris by her parents and aunt who are long-
time customers of Cristalle de Paris.

Cristalle 21 Svelte Curve -body slimming cream

Tsuperb weigh loss and facial slimming cream

A professional and premium quality product whereby ivy extracts are specially included to release the excess moisture in your fat cells upon application – a ground-breaking technology of its kind. It contains essence of seaweed and birch and can effectively promote the burning of fats under your cell membranes, helping you to firm your face and body effectively. This is the reason why you will experience a tinge of heat upon application, but not to worry, it is perfectly safe and will not cause any sensitive skin problems.

Price: RM 120 (RP:RM210)

Item condition: brand new

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