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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Bio-Essence Tanaka White Renewal Night Cream

Bio-Essence Tanaka White Renewal Night Cream
50g / 1.76 oz

Intense Nourishment for Active Cell Regeneration

- Unique Thanakha extract improves skin's structure and promotes whitening of the skin, leaving skin brighter and more radiant
- Inhibits melanin production and reduces pigmentation to achieve a fairer complexion
- Hydrates skin with essential nutrients to lock in moisture and reduces fine lines, wrinkles and impedes the aging of skin
- Accelerates cell renewal while boosting collagen formation to aid in the recovery from damages suffered during the day

A unique fusion of Thanakha extract, Bio Energy Fluid, Bio Mineral Essence and precious herbal extracts such as Angelicae and Gingko Biloba

Direction of Use:
- Apply the cream on your face and spread evenly
- Ideal for use at night

Item condition: Brand New and Sealed in box

Price: RM50 include postage

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