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Monday, April 5, 2010

Bio-essence anti-redness repair cream

Item: Bio-essence Anti-redness repair cream

-eliminates unsightly tiny capillaries and redness.
-suitable for sensitive skin.

skin redness is caused by red veins. The appearance of red vain is as a result of the rupture of blood capillaries due to sudden changes in temperature. Skin redness is also caused by skin allergies due to cosmetic ingredients, food, pollution, climate changes etc. Anti redness cream enhances micro blood and oxygen circulation to repair the ruptured capillaries, therefore reduces visibility of red vains and minimising redness. It also provides a sufficient level of nutrients to moiturise & repair damages skin cells. Skin immunity against redness and allergies improves regular use.

Price: RM50

Age of item: manufactured at 2009

Item(s) conditions: brand new and sealed

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