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Monday, April 5, 2010


ITEM: 2B Alternative Skirt Ready -*SOLD*

Size: 120 ml

From Hip to Ankle, a Complete Treatment.

Is your new skirt ready?

What really matters is not a new skirt, but a glamorous body line under your skirt - Your legs. A pair of perfect legs makes you confident in wearing everything, both at work and leisure, so you need perfect your legs.

2B Skirt Ready is aimed for this perfection. It uncovers true appeal of attracting body shape, and covers any aging and body problems by drawing all attention to the perfect you, so are you ready for Skirt?

2B Skirt Ready has revolutionized its formula, adding ingredients that act as the strongest diminution for fatty tissue, by which a more professional approach targets to leg’s given muscle tension, dropsy and bad blood circulation problem, and rewinds legs pore, act as the first and unique magic balm for restraining leg hair growth. From Hip to Ankle, it improves the shape of body after 4-6 weeks application, targets both Muscular and Dropsy Type; brings you fresh and radiant legs.

Targets Muscular Legs

Brand new French Ingredient Acetyl Hexapeptide-3 scientifically proven to block signal transduction of muscle. Skirt Ready further enhances blood circulation, helping legs to get rid of excess water by its diuretics. The adipose tissue metabolism can then be activated, which slims your legs and releases your true charm.

New Benchmark to smooth and whiten legs. Removes leg hair.

Just a strawberry drop of 2B Skirt Ready perfects to nourish and hydrate your leg skin for 24 hours, providing necessary soothing active ingredients.

Your legs will get supple, smooth, and then whitened. It unclogs your pore, with its new unique Leg Hair-off Formula, which prevents leg hair growth at its essential skin. Skirt Ready weakens and even restraints your leg hair growth, which perfects your leg, and even perfects you for skirts.

how to use it
Take a strawberry amount of 2B Skirt Ready, apply to where it needs. Gently massage upwards from ankle to hip until fully absorbed by your skin. Recommended to use once a day after shower (once in day time and night time accordingly).

Price: RM90 (RP: RM 130)

Age of item: manufacture date: august 2009, expired date : august 2011

Item(s) conditions: brand new and sealed

*************NO MORE PEAR SHAPE BODY*********************


  1. u still selling this ?

  2. hi anonymous, thanks for interest. this product already sold out ya. thanks ! u can try out other brand of slimming product here ^^